detecting phases in power traces
Research I did while I was in college. Did some machine learning stuff to identify workloads based on their power usage. As well as picking out workloads from power traces with multiple workloads.
emacs plugin to make your text colorful
I saw some article once about this idea then tried to make a plugin for vim to do it. The experience was so awful I literally switched to emacs because of it.
custom scheduler for anki
Way back in the early days of Anki 2.0 there was no interval fuzzing. Then halfway through implementing an addon for it I thought: "hey why don't I fuzz these intelligently?"
item reader for phantasy star online
I somehow started hanging out with the tryhards in this game and I was always lagging behind because I would check all the items on the floor.
So I made this to keep up.
visual novel reader for the nintendo ds
Long ago, I was into Nintendo DS homebrew, and this is what I was most known for.This project was eventually taken over by the dude over at
anki-like flash card program for the nintendo ds
Another Nintendo DS homebrew, but I`m pretty sure no one used this but me. Basically my attempt at having a portable anki since I was too cool for cellphones at the time.
comic book reader for the nintendo 3ds
My short attempt at doing some 3ds homebrew. I streamed all the development of this over at livecoding* which has since turned into liveedu and they became content nazis so I can't even watch my own videos anymore.
As I was making this site, I spent probably a day trying to get this thing to run in an emulator after not touching it for years.
All to get a screenshot.
And still no luck on the actual hardware.

* at some point it turns out livecoding aka liveedu just died and this no longer exists anywhere at all
on hold
pso quest compiler
Tool to create custom quests for PSO.
Not much of anything works at the moment
this site!
some lame attempt at a website
I originally wrote this site as static html.
Then I wrote it again in lisp+hunchentoot
And here I am now with rust+rocket.
and then I moved from rocket to tide cause idk
But really, it just exists to host email and an irc bouncer.