[-] New site! (again)

So in my infinite free time I figured I should actually do something with this site.
Well at the very least I`ve filled out the projects page and made it look a bit nicer.
P.S. I can no longer reach dh through ssh (rip)
[-] Fuck`n Glenn

So I noticed a few months ago that Glenn decided to not even bother renewing the digital haze domain, but now it seems to have been bought and is now some sort of phishing scam site.
So in summary: fuck you glenn.
P.S. I can still reach it through ssh
[-] I have no idea what I am doing

Rewrote site already because I was bored and it was easier than actually putting content on here.
Also added some sort of forum to discuss whatever I end up using this site for (ha ha ha).
[-] So I made this site for some reason

Well I bought this site for uh, some reason
Initially, the plan I think was to copy all the stuff over from Digital Haze before it was highjacked[1] since I still seem to have ssh access to all the old data but everything there is quite outdated and useless (except the photos).
3DS Homebrew is starting to be a thing, might bother getting a 3Ds to make a vn3ds or something.
A shitty dude who lurks #vnds thought I should start translating stuff, but that seems like way too much effort.
Also, ErlogTrisY2K.
Or, I`ll embrace the DH philosophy of NO CONTENT and just use this server for email and irc bouncing.
<`Glenn`> fuckin
<`Glenn`> jake_,
<jake_> what
<jake_> `Glenn`:
<jake_> what do you want
<`Glenn`> is expiring
<`Glenn`> like soon
<jake_> oh?
<`Glenn`> and I'm flat broke
<jake_> like, the hosting is dying?
<jake_> aka \"get your shit off of it\"
<`Glenn`> no, the domain is
<jake_> oh
<`Glenn`> so if the domain isn't renewed, it'll be available to the public, will no longer resolve
<`Glenn`> etc.
<jake_> WELL I dont have much attachment to the name
<jake_> and the site serves no real purpose