[-] New site! (again)

So in my infinite free time I figured I should actually do something with this site.
Well at the very least I`ve filled out the projects page and made it look a bit nicer.
P.S. I can no longer reach dh through ssh (rip)
[-] I have no idea what I am doing

Rewrote site already because I was bored and it was easier than actually putting content on here.
Also added some sort of forum to discuss whatever I end up using this site for (ha ha ha).
[-] So I made this site for some reason

Well I bought this site for uh, some reason
Initially, the plan I think was to copy all the stuff over from Digital Haze before it was highjacked since I still seem to have ssh access to all the old data but everything there is quite outdated and useless (except the photos).
3DS Homebrew is starting to be a thing, might bother getting a 3Ds to make a vn3ds or something.
Or, I`ll embrace the DH philosophy of NO CONTENT and just use this server for email and irc bouncing.