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 | falz 1/2: ghosts are missing | 〇     | 〇   | X   ​|X ​  ​|X ​  | | falz 1/2: ghosts are missing | 〇     | 〇   | X   ​|X ​  ​|X ​  |
 +This is a list of animations and effects that were working in the original Dreamcast game, but have been broken on subsequent ports. The ideal result would be to create a patch for each one of the versions to replace these files to have working versions, but the priority order is PC, GC, BB and last XB. In terms of approach PC is the closest version to the DC, so it seems that this makes sense for a proof of concept and see which effects can be fixed with files, and which ones are hard coded into the game. 
 +First we'll go through each one of the different effects and try to make predictions about what is causing the issue and create a hypothesis for how each one can be fixed or addressed.
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