[-] So I made this site for some reason

Well I bought this site for uh, some reason
Initially, the plan I think was to copy all the stuff over from Digital Haze before it was highjacked[1] since I still seem to have ssh access to all the old data but everything there is quite outdated and useless (except the photos).
3DS Homebrew is starting to be a thing, might bother getting a 3Ds to make a vn3ds or something.
A shitty dude who lurks #vnds thought I should start translating stuff, but that seems like way too much effort.
Also, ErlogTrisY2K.
Or, I`ll embrace the DH philosophy of NO CONTENT and just use this server for email and irc bouncing.
<`Glenn`> fuckin
<`Glenn`> jake_,
<jake_> what
<jake_> `Glenn`:
<jake_> what do you want
<`Glenn`> is expiring
<`Glenn`> like soon
<jake_> oh?
<`Glenn`> and I'm flat broke
<jake_> like, the hosting is dying?
<jake_> aka \"get your shit off of it\"
<`Glenn`> no, the domain is
<jake_> oh
<`Glenn`> so if the domain isn't renewed, it'll be available to the public, will no longer resolve
<`Glenn`> etc.
<jake_> WELL I dont have much attachment to the name
<jake_> and the site serves no real purpose